Samsung Has Delayed The Sale of the Galaxy Fold Indefinitely For Now

The Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable phone was supposed to have been released to go on sale sometime this week, but the company has confirmed reports of its postponing it indefinitely amidst negative reviews it received in regards to the foldable phone’s screen.

At the earliest, it looks as though the SG Fold will not be hitting the shelves until sometime in May the Wall Street Journal reported. AT&T and T-Mobile, Samsung’s US carrier partners, haven’t said a word nor have they given any guidance to their preorder customers.

Several reviews reported issues with the display due to the mistakenly removal of the protective layer display film. Others reviewers reported failure after just a couple of days of normal use. Some reported debris somehow entering the hinge and making its way underneath the inside display.  While at CNBC the device just failed for no apparent reason.

Samsung says it will take measures to strengthen the display protection film and to increase measures to warn users not to remove the screen display’s protective layer of film.

As it is, it looks as though some re-engineering of the hardware is in order according to The Verge and if that’s the case it may be quite some time before Samsung makes its second attempt to release the SG Fold.

Though consumers who have made pre-orders for this one-of-a-kind futuristic phone are disappointed, it is a wise move by Samsung to delay its release and a right move too, says The Verge. Releasing for sale what seems an overly fragile device at this time would have not only damaged Samsung’s reputation but it would also put a huge damper on the entire birthing of the new category of mobile devices with folding screens especially with its high cost at nearly $2000.

The industry last year unveiled this complex new mobile category of a smartphone using multiple new technologies and materials to make a screen display that would be flexible enough to fold and so everyone has been excited about the SG Fold.

Samsung shared its appreciation it received from the reviewers for the improvements that would ensure the best possible experience for users as well as the vast potential it has in this new foldable phone category.

Samsungstates that it is grateful for the trust customers have placed in them and that their customers are the company’s top priority. It is committed in working closely with them and their partners to move the industry forward.