Sero – Samsung’s Vertical TV For Millennials

Samsung thinks that the millennialgeneration wants vertical TV and so it has developed the Sero, a 43 inch TV that pivots between horizontal and vertical positions.  The Sero is the latest in additions to Samsung’sline of TVs and was specifically designed for the millennials because of their intense addiction to their smartphones,

The vertical design of the Sero replicates the tall design of a smartphone and is a pretty smart idea. It goes with the fact that most content on mobile phones are vertical and so the company has designed Sero to provide and encourage millennials to project more of their smartphone contents onto a vertical TV which can be repositioned for horizontal viewing for movies and more.  

According to the Verge, Samsung is also adding in the following features: a 4.1-channel, with 60W speakers along with an integrated navy stand and a minimalist rear design. Samsung’s hopes are that this vertical TV will not only function as a tall wall display for the smartphone, but will also function as a music streaming hub and a beautiful piece of furniture.

So while it isn’t functioning as a smartphone enlarger or as a conventional TV, the Sero can also turn into a large framed photo like a wall hanging or be used as a music streaming device with visuals. Samsung says that its Bixby voice will be present to assist as well.

Samsung’s Sero will come out in its home market in South Korea sometime around the end of May and will go on sale at around $1600 or 1.89m KRW.

Even though the Sero is a real product and will go on sale, Samsung still calls its new product a concept. Therefore, it will be opening a pop-up store. Generally pop-up stores open for a very short period of time anywhere from 3 days to 3 months, usually in high foot-traffic areas in city centers, malls or busy streets. Pop-up stores are usually used to launch a new product, generate awareness, introduce collaboration, increase the ‘cool’ factor or move inventory.

In this aspect, Samsung will open its pop-up store in Seoul, and alongside its Serif and Frame TV range will show off the Sero in its ‘lifestyle’ TV lineup. The Sero will definitely have a price and a release date.

However, because the Sero is still considered a concept, Samsung will closely monitor consumer feedback to the entire idea, design and usage to see if the company’s assumptions that Sero will fill the need to the millennial’s addictive connection to their smartphones in another way.