In a secret lab, Apple is doing extreme testing of its Secure Enclave chips in order to provide privacy security

Apple has shown over and again concern for its protection of user privacy data and it has been revealed in a report today that it is doing so by testing Secure Enclave chips that it uses in its electrical devices.

Craig Federighi, who is Apple’s Senior Vice President of software engineering shared this news in an interview with The Independent. In a secret private lab, Apple is testing the Secure Enclave ships in extreme hot and cold temperatures  to make sure they remain secure and if they don’t that it happens only in the lab and not once they are in the phones of their users.

According to the Secure Enclave website, Secure Enclave chips are part of the newer chips designed for data protection as well as touch ID and Facial ID. Its purpose is to handle sensitive biometrics that can’t be accessed by the application processor (AP) because it is isolated with a hardware filter and so even though it shares RAM with the AP, Secure Enclave portion (the TZ0) is encrypted.

The Secure Enclave chips are being tested at temperatures as low as -40C and as high as 110C. If the hips remain secure it wards of any attempts by hackers to infiltrate users phones and suck all their data out.

The only thing is if a fault was detected after an iPhone was sold there wouldn’t be anything Apple could do because the chips can’t be changed out after they’re sold. So that’s why the chips are tested before hand and are tweaked and fixed to make sure that the chips can handle anything it might possibly go through.

Independent security experts recognize the achievement of the Secure Enclave chips primarily because of the comprehensive testing they are put through.

Federighi says that Apple certainly “seeks to both set a great example for the world to show what’s possible to raise people’s expectations about what they should expect from the products they buy, whether they get them from us or from other people. And of course, we love, ultimately, to sell Apple products to everyone we possibly could certainly not just as aluxury. We think that a great product experience is something everyone should have. So we work hard to aspire to develop those.”