US drivers spend an average of 54 hours in traffic congestion every year

Do you ever wonder how many hours you spend wasting your time in congested traffic commuting to work everyday?

Well someone has sat and crunched the numbers and published a report for the Texas A&M Transportation Institute which is a part of Texas A&M University located in College Station, TX and the numbers are rather depressing.

Take one case in point – Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, island paradise of the Pacific, destination for action seekers. The report, dubbed the 2019 Urban Mobility Report (UMR), found that workday commuters there spend an average of 64 hours which comes to two and a half days sitting in traffic every year.

According to the institute’s UMR that figure is up 53 hours of congestion annually from 2009 and up 29 hours annually from 1989.

Honolulu falls into the medium-sized urban area with .5 million to 1 million people category and comes in 6th place.

The national average of hours spent by drivers in congested highways comes to 54 hours.

In the very large-sized city category with over 3 million people, Los Angeles comes in first place with drivers there spending 119 hours in congested traffic annually. That adds up to five days wasted in congestion!  

According to the report it’s costing commuters more than just time but also in money.

Take Honolulu again, located on the island of Oahu, its workday commuters spend an average of $1,260 extra a year sitting in traffic congestion which includes an additional 29 gallons of gas.

When you multiply those figures by the number of Honolulu’s driver’s that comes to a whopping $689 million in congestion costs and the amount of wasted fuel comes to approximately 15.7 million gallons.

Here is the top 10 in the UMR list for very large-sized cities and the hours commuters spend waiting in traffic:

Los Angeles – 119 hours or almost 5 days

San Francisco: 103 hours  or over 4.29 days

Washington, DC – 102 hours  or 4.25 days

New York – 92 hours or 3.8 days

Boston – 80 hours or 3.3 days

Seattle 78 hours or 3.25 days

Atlanta – 77 hoursor 3.2 days

Houston – 75 hours or 3.1 days

Chicago – 73 hours or 3.04 days

Miami – 69 hours or 2.9 days

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